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Flavors are sold individually.
Variety box comes with 12 bars.

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A Premium American Wagyu Beef Bar that's packed with flavor, keto friendly, and an incredible protein-packed-snack for your day!

  • 14/15g of Premium Protein
  • Keto Friendly
  • 100% American Wagyu Beef
  • Only 3-5 carbs
  • 4 Amazing Flavors!
  • Variety Pack Avialable

The Wag Bar is the only high protein snack made with 100% American Wagyu beef from cows treated the way we treat the world: with kindness. We handpicked our ranchers because they do things the right way.


Keto Friendly

With only 3g total carbs, the ICON Wag Bar is the perfect high protein Keto snack.


High Protein

High quality beef = high quality protein! Each Wag Bar includes 14-15g of protein.


100% Wagyu Beef

Made from 100% American Wagyu Beef. We use the best, because you deserve the best.

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